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Sources of weather forecasts

Weather forecasts are available from many different sources, including TV and radio, Ceefax and Teletext, newspapers, premium-rated phone and fax services, the internet, the Coastguard, and specialist radio services (such as Navtex).

The shipping forecast

The ‘official’ shipping forecast from The Met. Office is broadcast on BBC Radio 4 (198 kHz LW and various FM frequencies betwen 92.4 and 94.8 MHz) at the following times (UK local time):

0048 all radio 4 frequencies, complete forecast (also available via BBC iPlayer
0535 all radio 4 frequencies, complete forecast
1201 not on FM, no station reports
1754 not on FM, no station reports. but at weekends transmitted on both FM and LW

Marine forecasts are available on the Internet at:

Coastguard Weather Reports are announced on Ch 16, but given on a working channel.

Local Radio Stations (eg BBC Radio Solent) are another good service.


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